How to fix Download Failed or Retrying Problem in Uc Browser

How To fix Download Failed or Retrying Problem In Uc Browser

Downloading a large file is much difficult as compared to downloading a small file. Even every browser is not capable of downloading large files, but UC Browser can download any size of file easily.  UC browser provides us better speed than any other browser because it uses its own some algorithm to download files at high speed. It also sports pause and resumes feature which helps us to download large files because sometimes we need to break our download procedure due to a network problem or any other reason. Sometimes, our downloading process gets stopped at the last moment, and we are not able to resume it. So now the question is how to resume download in UC browser android or how to solve a re trying problem in UC browser? We at came up with this awesome trick on How to Fix Retrying Download Links in UC Browser. Let’s find out below!

How To Fix Retrying Or Download Failed In Uc Browser

How to fix Retrying or Download failed problem in UC Browser..?

1. First of all, open File Manager or File Explorer on your phone.

2. Now Go to Uc Downloads folder.

3. Now you will see two files of the same name that you are downloading. For example,  I am downloading GTA 5, and my download got failed at 65%. So now I need to go to file manager > UC Downloads >, and I have two files named GTA 5 and GTA 5.dltemp.

How To Fix Retrying Or Download Failed In Uc Browser

4. Now create a new folder on your sd card with the name of 'Resume'.

5. Copy and paste both files of step 3 in this folder.

6. Now again open UC Browser and simply delete the file from the download list. As shown in the image below.

How To Fix Retrying Or Download Failed In Uc Browser

7. Start Downloading the same file again from the same link.

8. Now, you will find that file starts downloading from the beginning but don't worry, the main trick is the rest.

9. Pause the download process after 4-5%.

10. Then again go to file manager > UC Downloads > Now Delete those two files. [Downloading File & .dltemp File].

11. Now go to the folder 'Resume' where you moved first two downloading files and move them back to UC downloads folder.

12. You're almost done. Now again open UC Browser and resume your download file. It will start downloading from that breakpoint where it was failed.

Note:- if you are unable to find the .dltemp file in UC Downloads folder, then download and install Es File Manager from Play store. Enable Show hidden files option and recheck the UC Downloads folder from the ES File Explorer, you will be able to see the .dltemp file.

How To Fix Retrying Or Download Failed In Uc Browser


The article 'How to fix Download failed or Retrying problem and Resume download failed files in UC Browser' is very useful for each and everyone who is fond of downloading different files from the internet. We always need to download large files, and we always face download failed problem. If we Re-download the failed task, then it is totally wastage of our internet data, but by following the above trick, we can resume our any failed job from that break point, where it was failed.

Hope you liked the post. If you still face any problem or any error then feel free to comment in the comment box. Don’t forget to share the post.

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