Reliance Shuts Its Mobile And DTH Services

Reliance Communications (RCom) is going to shut its 2G services from 30 November. Reliance is informing their 2G users to switch on to its 4G network. Reliance users can port out their mobile number until 30 November into any other operator or users can update their 2G sim card into the 4G sim, because Reliance Communications will now continue only its 4G services.

Reliance Shuts Its Mobile And DTH Services

Recently, Reliance Communications shuts down its 2G service in Gujarat and published a note on their official website.
"Dear Gujarat Customer, We would like to inform you that RCOM's spectrum license for 2G services in Gujarat
allotted by DoT, India, expires on the 29th of September, 2017 and hence voice services would stop after that in
Gujarat Circle.
Kindly continue to enjoy our 4G data services or generate UPC by sending SMS PORT < 10 digits Mobile number> to
1900 until 29th September 2017. After that, you can contact our call center number 18001003333 or 30333333 to get
the UPC & port out to any network of your choice. The UPC will be valid until 23:59:59 hours of 30th October 2017 and
you can sort out your mobile number to any other telecom service provider until the 30th October 2017."

Reliance Shuts Its Mobile And DTH Services

So it clear from the statement of Reliance Communications that they are not going to renew their expired spectrum licenses. If you have a 4G enabled smartphone, then you can upgrade your sim into 4G to continue the services of  RCom otherwise you can port your mobile number to any other operator but keep in mind, you have only time till 30 November to port your mobile number. Reliance is going to shut its DTH service also. Its DTH service will be migrated to the Tata Sky DTH service.

In all of this, Airtel and Vodafone both are trying to attract the 40 million 2G users of Reliance Communications. They are printing different types of advertisements to attract users as shown in the below image.

Airtel Attracting Reliance Communications Users

Final words: Reliance Communications is currently going to shut down its 2G services only. But according to some reports, their 3G spectrum licenses are also expiring soon and RCom is now going to focus only on its 4G services. So we recommend you to upgrade your 2G sim card only in 4G instead of  3G.

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